Part 10 - Why we are Worse than the KKK

The connection a Jew feels towards the Land of Israel is very powerful. If you are not Shmirat HaBrit, you can only feel a fraction of the connection a Jew has to his spiritual homeland. Jews in Israel and beyond are committing this sin with our eyes, our thoughts, and our bodies. We are doing it hundreds of times a day. Collectively, we are losing our connection to the Land. The nations of the world have been testing us with the formula of “Land for Peace” for 50 years. Only in our generation has our connection to the Land become so thin, we are abandoning our country. Hundreds and thousands of Israeli and Russian Jews have fled Israel for the west. Millions of American Jewish families who are observant, and have the means to live in Israel refuse to do so. We have even gone so far as to throw Jews out of their homes so we can sever our connection to bigger parts of the Land of Israel. If more of us were Shmirat HaBrit, we would all feel a deeper connection to the Land. What is currently going on would be an abomination to more people. There would be a larger grassroots movement to reverse these trends. Israeli leaders wouldn’t have the political will to do any of it. These calamities which have befallen us are not due to the Israeli leadership – they are our fault. As we commit these sins, we give pieces of our soul to the forces of darkness. At the same time we give up pieces of our Holy Land for nothing in return.

By committing this sin, we give up on countless hours of our daily lives where we can be more focused and productive. We lose at least 2 hours of the day that we can be awake. This sin sucks the life out of you – LITERALLY! As a result of spilling seed, you are always tired and you sleep longer. The body only needs 6 hours of sleep a night to function properly. If the soul is filled with energy, the body will respond. We give up on so many miracles that Hashem wants to perform for us if only we kept this mitzvah.

How many Americans, religious and not, actually live in Israel? Of those who have moved to Israel, how many actually stay longer than 5 years? Yes, there are many great, great, Jews that have braved all sorts of tests and challenges and they and their families have thrived there. But what is the total percentage? 1%? 2% of the entire American Jewish community? That number is obscene. A 2,000 year old dream has come true. Hashem has granted the Jewish people countless miracles to live in our Eternal Homeland as a free people. What is our reaction to G-d? We have collectively said to Hashem – “thanks, but no thanks.”

If we realized so much as a quarter of our actual potential as Jews, more of us would be living there. If we strengthened ourselves, made our spirits more sensitive to Hashem and His world, we would feel such an intense connection to the Land that we would go and never leave. I am not judging the Jewish people; I am speaking from personal experience. I was pgam habrit before I took on tsuva and discovered how to connect to Hashem.

I was pgam habrit when I made aliyah. I was pgam habrit for the three and a half years that I lived in Israel. I was pgam habrit when I couldn’t take it anymore and returned to New York. You know what was the greatest time I ever spent in Israel? The two weeks I spent there on my honeymoon -- six months after I took on the mitzvah of Shmirat HaBrit! I felt closer to the Land than I ever did when I lived there. There was a greater pull to Israel than during any time before. It took a lot of painful experiences before I finally gave up on my aliyah. But the punishment for pgam habrit is exile. Here I stand – a victim. Not of government policies, or of misdeeds by others. I am a victim of my own selfish iniquities. May G-d have mercy on my soul.

Any Jew who takes on these mitzvoth will feel a deeper connection to Hashem and to the Land. In performing this mitzvah, you are raising the collective spiritual level of the Jewish people. The greatest tzaddikim of our generation can reach their own personal potential. However, they can reach even farther if the generation is worthy. Every mitzvah you do not only brings you closer to Hashem, it brings every Jew closer to Hashem as well. It strengthens the heart of every Jew. I wonder how many Jews in the U.S. are very close to making aliyah. If they were just a little closer to Hashem, a little more sensitive to His spirit, a little less absorbed with their money and job status, would they finally make the decision?

It’s not the government of Israel that is giving up on our Holy dreams. It is all of us, right here, right now. Every time we hear of a government official in Israel doing something horrifying, let’s always ask ourselves: What did we do to bring this on? Was it one of my sins that caused this? What could I have done to stop it? We need to entertain the notion that Ehud Olmert and Shimon Peres aren’t merely monsters fighting G-d. They are agents carrying out His decrees.

In the End of Days, the nations of the world will all unite to fight Israel. There will be a major war between the nations of the world and Israel.

Most sages agree that we are living in these times. It’s scary. It’s scary because Moshaich hasn’t revealed himself yet and the world isn’t totally at war. The fearful assumption is that we have yet to fight the battle of us versus the entire world. The war of gog and magog.

However, there is hope. Jewish law states that any positive prophecy is going to definitely happen. Israel will once again be redeemed, Moshiach will come, and we will see the Third Temple built in the Third and final Jewish Kingdom. The world will experience an era of universal peace. Jews and Arabs will never fight again.

World War III? Armageddon? The negative prophecies don’t have to happen. Jewish law states that all negative prophecies of doom can be annulled by Hashem if we do tsuva. The fire and brimstone prophecies don’t have to happen. The world of emptiness and hunger that is predicted can be a world of spiritual emptiness and hunger, rather than physical calamity – and we can act to prevent even these tragedies from continuing to unfold.

If we are fighting this war on a spiritual level, and not a physical one, when will the physical war start? How do we fight it? What if this war is well underway?

To the east, the Arabs won’t let us live in peace. To the west, Edom and their degrading values won’t let us live as Jews. Their culture has infected us with an intermarriage rate of 50% and an assimilation rate much higher. I don’t think Edom is consciously trying to attack us with pictures of Brittney Spears. Yet, if this is the war of gog and magog, it is being waged on a spiritual level. Then, isn’t the onslaught of sexual permissiveness and promiscuity we see on TV, the movies, the clubs, really Edom’s war against Israel?

Anybody knows that before a war begins, you do your best to weaken the enemy. Is Edom, as personified by America, Europe, and Russia, beginning to wear down the Nation of Israel by destroying our spirits? When Israel sins, Hashem no longer protects us, leaving us lamb to the slaughter. Are we losing this war already? We all need to step up! Maybe not as a nation in one big act, but each of us, individually, needs to start doing little things so we can begin to stand our ground.

During the times of Chanukah, around the second century before the Common Era, we resisted this influence, and defeated it. Today, we are surrendering. We embrace their lifestyle. If only we resisted the temptations or the fleeting joys of the western world, we would realize the pure sweetness of the Jewish Spirit. We would experience Hashem’s great love for us. We would discover within ourselves, our great love for Him.

I think the war of gog and magog started about 50 years ago. Every act we perform of shmirat habrit is tantamount to firing a major salvo against the dangerous and deadly forces of the world that are plotting to wipe us out.

Transgressing the laws of Shmirat HaBrit leads us to commit a serious human rights crime. Today, there is an abominable oppression that many of us are engaging in. It is the absolute worst form of human subjugation.

The acts of sexual immorality have caused the global tragedy of the 21st century human slave trade.

The majority of women working as prostitutes, and many of the women working in strip clubs are slaves. They are performing the same slavery that went on before Abraham Lincoln abolished it in 1862. It is the same degradation that was brought upon the blacks from the 16th to 19th centuries in this country.

Nobody grows up wanting to be a prostitute. Many prostitutes do it out of a financial desperation or to feed some type of addiction. Even more are abducted by criminals. They are beaten, raped, and threatened with death or the death of their loved ones unless they perform every erotic desire of – us.

Have you ever been to a brothel? Have you ever purchased a ‘special service’ from a stripper with a foreign accent? Have you ever had an erotic massage with a special ending? Or relations with a prostitute for a super low price?

Almost all of the erotic masseuses, prostitutes, and half the strippers you see today are slaves. They may act like they enjoy what they are doing, but it is only to serve their taskmaster. They see little or no money that comes from what they do. They cannot escape, and if they try, they will suffer the same fate of that of a black slave in the south before 1862 – they are beaten, or killed, or worse.

At any given time, it is estimated that there are 50,000 slaves in the United States. Every year, 20,000 women are trafficked into the U.S. These statistics are real. They come from the CIA and the US State department.

When you go to prostitute, or even a strip bar – you aren’t simply taking care of a carnal desire. You are renting a human being. It is no different than the southerners did in the 18th century. It is exactly what the lunatics in white hoods and burnt crosses have been protesting for since the end of the Civil War.

How does a girl become a slave? In the 18th century, you didn’t choose, you were born into servitude. What happens today? There is a great economic disparity between the West and the Eastern European nations and Russia. In the former Soviet Bloc, capital cities enjoy great wealth, while the rest of the country remains poor. Countries like Russia, the Ukraine, and Moldavia have high rates of poverty and unemployment. For a young person, there is very little hope for a future. Any opportunity to get out and find employment in Europe or the United States is an opportunity to break free of the despair at home. Many companies offer work for these people as cleaning ladies or nannies to families in the West. Some of these companies are legit, many are not. A woman is promised work in Europe and told to pack her things and report to the company. They take care of the visa, the plane ticket, and all other arrangements in bringing the young woman to a European or American city. Once she gets to her destination, a representative from the company takes her ticket, her passport, her working visa, and all other forms of identification. He then throws her into a truck with the rest of the woman the company brought over for ‘work’. They are taken to hidden locations and brutalized. They are raped, beaten, starved, and stripped of all human dignity. Over a period from 3-9 months, these women go through what is known as “training.” These women are raped to the point of total submission, they are told that they now have to work off the money the company paid to get them here. The company is nothing more than a gang or criminal organization of pimps. The women are forced to have sex with as many as 20 men a day. They are given “morning after” pills each day to make sure that they don’t get pregnant. They are force fed diet pills, many untested by the FDA, so that they stay thin. They work 15-16 hours a day and receive no money at all. If any of the captive women complain, try to escape, or don’t service their john they way they are supposed to, they are beaten. They live under the constant threat of beatings, death, or the death of a loved one. These pimps are part of a worldwide crime syndicate that has its claws in the woman’s home country. They can get to the girls family very easily. This is the fear they instill in the women to get them to perform. The work is tireless – one woman was reported to have had sex with 1,000 men in nine months. On a western holiday, one woman was forced to work 24 hours straight – she was forced to have sex with 88 men in the span of a day.

How can we allow such a human injustice go on? These crimes against humanity are NOT happening in cities on the other side of the globe. They are not going on in Mogadishu, Baghdad, or Jakarta. They are happening right here. As we speak, this human degradation is going on in hidden locations in Washington, Los Angeles, and New York.

We are the reason for this suffering. Our money keeps these gangs in business. A drug dealer can only sell a drug once, then it is gone. A pimp can sell a woman as many times he wants. He will buy a human being for $10,000. He then rents her for over a year and makes $250,000 on this one poor soul. Prostitution is a $10 billion business. As long as we maintain the demand, the monsters that make this money will continue to hunt out poor children to supply our markets.

These women were lured here under false pretenses. They are doing this completely against their will. Anybody who has sex with someone who doesn’t want to have sex with him is committing RAPE – pure and simple. That the woman acts like she likes it, or doesn’t resist you changes nothing. She didn’t accept your money to do this – she was forced by her taskmaster to take it.

I am not a feminist. These facts speak for themselves. Going to a prostitute is renting a slave. Having relations with her is raping one. It’s that simple.

Going to a strip club isn’t that different. Many of the women enslaved for prostitution are being employed in these places. Obviously, not every stripper is an indentured servant. Many are. If a stripper doesn’t speak in an American accent and offers you more than just seeing, she is very likely working for an overlord who is threatening her family with death if she doesn’t rent herself out to you.

Women who are no longer useful to their pimps are thrown to the street. Without any passports, visas, or ID, the police automatically deport the woman back to her home country. She returns home just as destitute as when she left. Only now, she has the trauma of having had unwilling sex thousands of times. Most likely, she has a sexually transmitted disease. When she returns to her home town, the criminals have already spread the word about her job in the west. She is branded the town whore. Along with being sick, unemployed, and traumatized, she is an outcast – victimized once again by her captors. The pimps are never touched by the legal authorities. The few times they are caught, they get nothing more than probation. The working assumption is that either the judge has been sufficiently taken care of, or that the woman chose to become a prostitute.

We Jews were slaves once. How could we bring this on others? In Israel, the 5,000 sex slaves brought in yearly are transported from Egypt. They cross the Sinai desert by foot. The same journey we took from being slaves in Egypt to free men in the Holy Land is the exact same route these women take to slavery and degradation in the Land of Israel at the hands of Jews. May Hashem forgive us!

The only way we can put an end to this is to stop doing it.

The president of the United States put it bluntly: “those who patronize this industry debase themselves and deepen the misery of others, and governments that tolerate this trade are tolerating a form of slavery.”

This is a business. As long as there is opportunity for lucrative cash, there will be animals with the means, the ingenuity, and the ambition to go after it. The only way we can end slavery in the 21st century is by eliminating the demand. We can cure slavery with the same solution we can cure AIDS. Shmirat HaBrit is not only a mitzvah, it is a cure for much of the worst human suffering that goes on today. It is a universal affirmation of our own humanity. We really can change the world by starting with our selves – it’s that simple.

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