Kosher Downloading

Top Kosher downloads and streaming video - Hundreds of video lectures, thousands of audio lectures - ALL FREE. They are planning a Jewish.TV site.

Aish HaTorah - They also have hundreds of video and audio clips.

Torah Anytime - Over 5,000 video lectures! I strongly recommend Rabbis Schafier and Wallerstein.

Divine Information - Arguably one of the best sites for learning on the net. Hundreds of audio and video lectures in both Hebrew and English by Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi covering topics such as Kabbalah and Science, Life after Life, Science and Torah. There is even a debate between Rabbi Mizrachi and a christian priest!

Lazer Beams - Over 100 video lectures by Rabbi Brody covering Emunah!

Over 1,000 documentaries of the past 50 years. (NOTE: according to the makers of this site, they have permission from all the producers to publish this material)

Israel National News TV - news clips and commentary about life in Israel.

Videos at


Bloomberg TV
Israel Channel 10 - live
National Geographic Channel - all sorts of videos, full episodes, movies, and clips about the world at large
Discovery Channel
The History Channel
The Biography Channel

If you have any ideas for free channels or good sites for Kosher downloading, please email me here